3D Bass

In my earlier pre Fablab years, I have played electro bass for about 10 years, but I never had a proper fretless Bass, but always loved the sound. At Fablab Amsterdam, I decided to take this on as a research challenge and built my own fretless Bass mainly from scratch. A view components like trusrod, tuners, electronics and bridge I decided to buy though.

There were various challenges involved, to begin with the Mansur. I had no plans of fender guitars and started copying there service manuals. To make sure the measurements are spot on, otherwise the instrument could not be adjusted to the desired tuning.


Definitely what I enjoyed most in this project being collaboration between 4 people. 3d milling expert Alice Mela, Structure Designer and wood finish teacher Carsten Lemme, Industrial engineer and pickup winder Thomas van der Werf, and myself.
Here is a crappy video of the first presentation of it on Monday morning 20 august 2012 at Waag Society head quarters. Notice playing a fretless in tune takes practice, which I didn’t, had then.

The download of the files will be attached shortly

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