Deploying fablabs

Fabguru is deploying Fablabs world wide and has successfully done that in the past among others:

  • Saint Gobain Willich, industrial fablab 2015, Germany
  • HONF Fablab Yogyakarta 2011 – 2014, Indonesia
  • Fablab Hoylandet 2009, Norway
  • Fablab Nova college Amsterdam 2009, The Netherlands
  • Fablab Amsterdam 2008, The Netherlands

As a Fablab expert, fabguru adviced many Fablab initiatives around the world among others: The Netherlands, Portugal, France, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Finnland, Russia, Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Island, England, Ireland, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, India, Indonesia, Iran, South Arabia

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Fabguru was involved with a number of publications.

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