Lowcost prosthesis

The Low cost prosthesis project was initiated in 2009 by Fablab Jogyakarta as a business case to make their Fablab sustainable. At that time we implemented the Fablab Jogyakarta with Waag Society and HONF Fablab as partners and started to investigate in a lower knee leg that could be made with local material using the Fablab methodology.

Personally this project fascinates me in many ways. Not only could the user empower himselfs by making it and adjusting it on the go, but also thousends of people in developing countrys could be fitted with such a leg, I could not think of a larger DIY project social impact world wide.
Here you can watch a nice introduction movie

The implications though are a tough pad to go. Not only endles preassure tests (4 million cycles) are needet in order to fit it on a user, but also certification is needet that large organisationn like a ICRC would deploy those medical devices.

In the past 5 year apart of me many volunters have worked on the design, as well as many interns that I have supervised within my time at Fablab Amsterdam. I have also written a number of articless about it, which you can find on the publications page.

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