2015 - Fablab : la révolution est en

author: Menichinelli, M. (Ed.) Editions Pyramyd. isbn 9782350173412
This book presents the digital manufacturing workshops on a human scale, what can be produced and the tools they make available. It's illustrated by the presentation of 25 projects from these creative centers.
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2014 - Fablab of machines makers and Inventors

author: Julia Walter-Herrmann (M.A.) and Corinne Büching (Dipl.-Soz.) Transcript-Verlag (January 21, 2014) isbn 978-3837623826
It has only been ten years since MIT opened its first fabrication laboratory. Today, more than 120 FabLabs exist worldwide. Experts from Germany, India, and the U.S. discuss the small production devices, such as laser cutters and 3D printers, and the educationists, researchers, and FabLab practitioners who have transformed learning, work, production, design, consumer culture, law, and science on a global scale.
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2012 - Design & DIY 5 years of innovation, Fablab Amsterdam

This book was made at Fablab Amsterdam by Victor Brangoleau, edited by
fabguru. It showcases 11 different projects made in this Fablab and was
produced in a limited edition of 200 books.
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2011 – Open Design Now, why design cannot remain exclusive

by Bas van Abel, Lucas Evers, Roel Klaassen, edited by Peter Troxler
Open Design Now looks at design in the new creative commons, co-creation
era. It presents practices, tools, and licensing systems, as open design is a
way of designing everyone can participate in.
Fabguru wrote an article about the lowcost prosthesis.
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