Why not make your own soccer table with your own quality puppets, your own power grips and your own overall design, while maintaining championship table measurements?
In the context of a Fablab, I thought it might be a good idea to think of an integrated system as a learning project of the digital fabrication processes.

This is a soccer table like no other. It weights 91 kilos, it counts automatically, the experience of playing is enhanced with goal audio response and slow motion goal repetition on video.

The processes used are laser cutting and engraving, molding and casting, large cnc routing, electronics production and application programing.
Enjoy a small trailor while you can also see a small fraction of it on my home page

This was again a great collaboration with Robert Nelk and Angelo Chiaccio, who were interns at that time, and we finished it in january 2011.

The download of the files will be attached shortly

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