Masterclasses and Training

Fabguru deploys a set of master class formats and inspiration showers on different knowledge levels, most of them are 1 or 2 day events which can be extendet to a full week workshop or master class. Fabguru can also do tailor made workshops for your individual wishes.

A selection of workshops fabguru has done in the past:

  • fabpro workshops for Saint Gobain 2015
  • Open Design flat pack furniture, Amsterdam 2015
  • Inspiration shower Saint Gobain Barcelona 2015
  • Urushi, japanese Lacquer Amsterdam - Kamakura 2014
  • making musical instruments Iceland 2014
  • making musical instruments Amsterdam 2014
  • Open Design masterclass next fablab Taipei 2013
  • prosthesis workshop Amsterdam 2013
  • shopbot milling Masterclass Wellington 2012
  • Open Design Masterclass Polytechnic University Lisboa 2011
  • the future working space for Rabo Banc 2011
  • prosthesis workshop Yogyakarta 2011
  • jewellery workshop Hoylandet, Norway 2010
  • prosthesis workshop Amsterdam 2009
  • machine food Amsterdam 2008

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Deploying fablabs

Fabguru is deploying Fablabs world wide.

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